Schaller 721 Oyster Internal Pickup


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Product Overview

This pickup set contains a piezo transducer and jack socket. Specially designed for installation inside a guitar using a thin, surface-friendly adhesive foil. Extremely broad frequency range as with all Oyster models, which obviates the need for further equalisation.

Schaller's patented Oyster pickups offer a natural and powerful reproduction of the instrument sound without active circuits or preamps. The excellent sound result is achieved by a perfect interaction of diaphragm, piezo element and plastic contact gel.

Recommended installation:
Since every guitar has a different resonance and construction, you should determine by trial the best position for the pickup on your actual instrument. There are three methods commonly used in practice:

1. Under the strings, in front of the bridge, between the 2nd and 3rd treble string;
2. Directly on the treble side of the bridge;
3. Behind the bridge, on the treble side

Cautiously lift off the pickup without pulling on the cable. The transducer will come off more easily by gentle pivoting movements. Any residuals of the adhesive foil are removed best with a little guitar polish.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review