Music Nomad Precision String Action Gauge

Music Nomad

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Product Overview

What if you could get accuracy, readability, quality & functionality in one string action gauge? Winner! Being able to measure your string action is a critical step in the setup process. Music Nomad’s patent pending precision String Action Gauge is packed with unmatched features & benefits. It starts with accurate measurements that are easy to read with the black finish contrasted with deep etched white markings.

The high quality stainless steel design combined with numbers & lines that don’t rub off ensures years of use. Music Nomad include measurements in inches, metric & 64ths to customize to your preference. Their convenient chart on proper height by instrument type takes out the guesswork.

The pickup ruler helps you dial in your sound even more. And yes, designed with 4 different side lengths you can find the side that lays across 3 frets and use as a Fret Rocker to check if you have any uneven fret heights. That's Music Nomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review