Music Nomad Electric Guitar Nut File Set - Light Strings

Music Nomad

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Product Overview

WARNING: These files cut really well! Music Nomad’s patent pending Nut Files feature a revolutionary diamond coating & round “string-shape” blade design resulting in smooth, precision cuts. They cut & polish slots at the same time & do not drift like common toothed files.

The industrial, even diamond coating cuts all nut or saddle materials such as nylon, bone, graphite & even metals such as brass & zinc. Music Nomad also added an ergonomic handle for total comfort & control of your cut, or you can remove the blade from the handle as an alternative cutting option.

This custom set comes with 6 Nut File sizes for Electric Guitar - Light Strings. Music Nomad even include a compact, strong aluminum case.

That’s Music Nomad quality – raising the bar in equipment care.

Product Features

Electric Guitar - Light Strings Nut File Set (.010”, .013”, .017”, .028”, .036”, .046”) with Industrial Strength Diamond Coating. Comes in a Compact, Lightweight and Strong Aluminum Case: 3" x 6" x 1.4"

Innovative Round "String-Shape" Blade Design that won't Bend, Resulting in Smooth, Precision Cuts

Laser Engraved Size on Each Blade Plus Ergonomic Handle and Convenient Workbench Hang Hole

Perfect for Cutting and Polishing at the Same Time for New or Existing Nut Slots

Great for all Nut or Saddle Materials such as Nylon, Bone, Graphite & Even Metals such as Brass & Zinc


(No reviews yet) Write a Review