Mooer Hornet Black 15 Watt Guitar Amplifier with Effects

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Product Overview

The MOOER HORNET is a 15 Watt guitar amplifier with everything you need to get started as a beginner, or to use at home for practice. This little box sports 9 amp models of assorted styles and an array of built-in effects. The custom 6.5” speaker is perfectly tuned to deliver amazing tone and a big sound for such a small unit.

The HORNET’s tiny size makes it portable and completely unobtrusive, whilst it’s classic stylings will ensure it will fit-in nicely at any homestead.

Main Features

  • 9 high quality digital amp models
  • Modulation, delay and reverb effects with independent tap tempo
  • Store and recall up to 9 user presets
  • Precision instrument tuner
  • 2 operation modes LIVE/PRESET
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and AUX IN for audio playback from an external device
  • Dedicated headphones output
  • Custom 6.5” guitar speaker
  • 15Watt RMS

Technical Parameters

Inputs: 1/4" instrument signal input interface (impedance 1M) 3.5MM AUX IN audio interface (impedance 10K)
Output: 3.5MM headphone stereo audio interface (impedance 47 ohms)
Sampling rate: 48k
Sampling accuracy:
32 bit
Power supply:
DC 18V ≥ 2000mA Power adapter (internal negative external)
290mm (D) x 173 (W) x 255mm (H)
6.5" impedance of 4 ohms
Rated power:
Peak power:


(No reviews yet) Write a Review