Mooer SD50A Acoustic Amplifier


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Product Overview

Inspired by impromptu jam nights and intimate small-venue performances, the SD50A Acoustic Amplifier from MOOER aims to give acoustic players rich analog amplification with all of the high-quality digital effects they could ask for.

Featuring dual channel analog preamps, this 50 Watt combo amp includes a custom-built guitar speaker to deliver rich harmonics with enhanced clarity, articulation, and dynamics throughout the amplifiers full volume range. Utilizing the two separate preamp channels, the SD50A can comfortably support two guitars or a combination of guitar and microphone for cozy duo gigs.

Each channel in the SD50A features built-in EQ, reverb, delay, and chorus effects that are individually adjustable and saveable, with 10 available preset slots to recall your favorite settings on demand. Other handy features include anti-feedback switches to avoid unwanted noise, tap tempo to control delay timing, and support for MOOER’s proprietary wireless footswitch.

Like all amps in the SD Series, the SD50A includes a JAM section that contains an entire suite of tools for solo performers and creative aficionados such as an integrated looper, syncable drum machine, and Bluetooth connectivity for playback of your favorite audio tracks from an external device.


  • Dual-channel preamp: Guitar input & Microphone/Guitar input
  • One 8-inch FRFR (full range, flat response) speaker, One 1-inch treble speaker
  • Individual digital EQ/Chorus/Delay/Reverb effects
  • Double XLR balanced output mode: D.I, direct output; PRE, preamp and effect output to Mixer
  • 150-second looper with support for instrument and microphone
  • Drum machine with 16 different grooves
  • Bluetooth 4.0 support and auxiliary audio input for audio playback
  • OTG support for smartphone and tablet recording
  • High-precision tuner
  • Wireless footswitch support


Input: 1 /4” mono audio jack
AUX IN: 1 /8” stereo audio jack
OTG: Micro-B USB
POWER Amp: 50watt, class D
USB: Type-B
Power supply: DC 15V 4A
Rated Power: 50W
Dimension: 460mm x 236mm x 405mm
Weight: 11kg
SPEAKER: 8-inch MOOER custom speaker, 1-inch MOOER custom treble speaker
BT Switch: Bluetooth 4.0


LOOPER: 150 seconds
DRUM PATTERNS: 16 (8 Jazz drum and 8 percussion)
Accessories: Owner’s manual; Power Cable; Wireless Footswitch

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review