Laney DH80 DrumHub E-Kit Drum Amplifier


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Product Overview

Compact & Powerful
The DH80 is designed to deliver a wide variety of electronic percussion sounds at home, in the classroom or wherever you choose to use it. Its small foot print, hard hitting output and multiple inputs makes it a real winner in the classroom Practice has never been easier – the BLUETOOTH aux in allows you to stream tunes directly from your phone and practice to your hearts content whatever the time of day making use of the headphone socket.

The hard-hitting low end of the DH80 delivers all the bass drum you want, and the crystal-clear top end makes cymbals shimmer.

Keep things tidy and remove the need for a cable by connecting your audio source via a Bluetooth capable device. Once you have successfully paired your device, you typically will not need to repeat the pairing process.

Headphone out
Jack Inputs
Mini jack inputs
Aux in
Easy grip plastic handle
2 Channels – plug 2 kits in
80 watts power
XLR D.I. out - balanced

  • Bass reflex cabinet
  • Electronic percussion sounds amazing
  • 1 x 10” Custom woofer & 3” Co-axial tweeter
  • Item dimensions: 318mm x 360mm x 388mm (H W D)
  • Carton dimensions: 410mm x 365mm x 435mm (H W D)
  • Item weight: 9.75kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review