Laney Richter RB4 160 Watt Bass Amplifier


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Product Overview

Compact and powerful
The RB4 is a well-established, highly-acclaimed solid-state bass amplifier with something to suit every bass player. Ideal for the bass player looking for a conventional style but compact bass combo. The RB4 can be played at home, in the recording studio or live on stage. Full of bass friendly features and a bass tone much bigger than its appearance the RB4 is a serious player choice.

The RB4 is a 165-watt bass combo and features a 15” custom speaker plus Switchable horn, bass, treble, 7 band graphic mid, and more.

This no nonsense 165-watt bass combo now features a 15” custom speaker plus a switchable HF Horn. Combine this with powerful EQ comprising of bass, treble and A 7 band graphic mid, plus a switchable compressor and switchable limiter, all in a solid conventional cabinet with top and side handles, and you’ve got exactly what you need for gigging, recording or just waking up the neighbours!

The RB4 features a metallic grey control panel, clearly laid out allowing quick understanding and easy access to sounds, housing ‘chrome’ knobs with white pointers to assist the user during darker moments on stage.

Housed in sturdy black carpet covered cabinets with tough steel grilles.

Featuring a conventional cabinet the RB4 gives you great solid compact performance suited to bedroom, rehearsal, and stage or studio applications.

FX Loop
FX loops are important as they allow you to add effects to the signal path in a specific place between the pre-amp and the output section on an amplifier. This is where FX loops are important as it allows you to put time-based FX after the distorted pre-amp section. For example, delayed distortion sounds different to distorted delay – try it.

MP3/AUX in
This socket allows you connect an external sound source of your choice and can be used for playing backing tracks into your unit. Please not the volume of music/backing track is controlled by the volume on the external sound source itself


  • On-board Limiter
  • On-board Compressor
  • Switchable HF
  • Enhance control
  • 7 Band Graphic EQ
  • 15" Driver
  • Item dimensions: 553mm x 485mm x 303mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 600mm x 535mm x 355mm (HWD)
  • Item weight: 18.60kg


(No reviews yet) Write a Review