Way Huge® Smalls™ Green Rhino™ MKV Overdrive

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Product Overview

The Way Huge Green Rhino Overdrive MkV is the smallest of the herd, but it unleashes a stampede of gnarly, gritty tones that rivals its larger companions’.

The Volume, Tone, and Drive controls cover the basic functions, while the Freq and Curve controls offer finer adjustment of your beastly sonic yield.

The Freq control cuts or boosts at either 100Hz or 500Hz—set internally—while the Curve control allows you to soften the creature’s roar if it gets too aggressive on the high end.

With this level of versatility, you can take any amp from pristine to punchy, from dirty to thunderous.

This pedal will have your amp showing a whole new side of itself.


Input Impedance: 600 kΩ
Output Impedance: 3 kΩ
Nominal Input Level: +6 dBV
Bypass: True Bypass
Tone control (@ full CCW): -20 dB @ 3 kHz
Current Draw: 18.5 mA
Power Requirements: 9 VDC
Throughput Gain: up to +50 dB @ 1kHz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review