VHT Redline 50B 50 Watt Bass Combo

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Product Overview

Like the VHT RedLine 25B, the VHT RedLine 50B bass amp is brimming with the same pro-quality features: it has active and passive inputs to accommodate any bass, a post-EQ low-noise XLR DI output with level control for recording or connecting to a PA, a pre-EQ tuner jack, an extension speaker jack and a high-quality post-EQ effects loop.

The 50B also has Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble controls, and its built-in limiter insures that the sound is always tight and clean.

The 50B adds an effects blend control, which is great for blending clean tones with effects; try it with your favorite distortion pedal and hear how blending clean tones with distortion can keep the sound tight and punchy, with the added growl and grind from the distortion pedal.

The 50B also adds a master volume control.

The 50B’s solidly built rear-ported cabinet is loaded with a pro-quality 12” speaker with double-roll surround for true deep-bass tones. It also has an aux input for your playback devices and a headphone jack for silent practicing, plus a luxurious leather handle to enhance your carrying pleasure.

For more volume, try it with its accompanying RedLine 1x12” extension speaker cabinet.

The RedLine 50B is a portable 50-watt bass amp that's optimized for authentic big-amp tone at low-to-medium volume levels. It has an extension speaker jack so you can add another cabinet for more volume, and an adjustable XLR DI jack so you can connect to a PA or recording console.

Model Name: VHT RedLine 50B Bass Amplifier Combo
Model Number: AV-RL-50B
Max Output: 50 watts
Channels 1 channel
Controls: Volume, Low, Mid, High, Effects Blend, Master Volume, DI Level
Switches: Power
Effects: None
Speaker: 12" VHT Special Design, rear-ported cabinet
Jacks: Passive & Active Inputs, Effects Loop Send & Return, Aux In, Headphones, Tuner Out, XLR DI Out, Extension Speaker
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 18.5’’ X 17.0’’ X 12.25” (470mm x 430mm x 310mm)
Weight: 33.5 pounds 15.2 KG)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review