VHT D-Series Vertical 2 x 12" Cabinet

VHT Amplification

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Product Overview

For players who want the extra dispersion of an upright 212 either on stage or in the studio, the all-new D-Fifty vertical 212 cabinets are a perfect match for the best-selling D-Fifty head.

These solid and great-sounding open-back cabinets are built from lightweight and resonant poplar plywood, covered in black vinyl, and finished with tan wicker grill cloth to match the D-Fifty. Like the VHT D-series horizontal 2x12 speaker cabinets, the new vertical 2x12s have a Mono/Stereo switch with isolated grounds in stereo mode, so you’ll have no worries about ground loops when using two amplifiers in stereo mode.

The 212 Verticals have a top-mounted recessed leather handle and large rubber feet.

They can also be placed on their side for a horizontal configuration, or even pair 2 side-by-side for the ultimate wall of sound. The new vertical 2x12s open-back cabinets are available with our own VHT ChromeBack speakers or as empty cabs so you can pick your own favorites.

VHT’s D-Series cabinets are matching companions to the best-selling D-Fifty amplifier. These great sounding D-Series cabinets can bring out the best from your D-Fifty or enhance the tone of your existing rig.

SPEAKERS: Two 12" VHT ChromeBack Speakers, 60 Watts each
CABINET: Lightweight Poplar Ply Construction
JACKS: 2 Speaker Jacks + Mono/Stereo Switch
DIMENSIONS: 27.5” x 21.0” x 11.75” (height x width x depth)
WEIGHT: 48.5 pounds

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review