VHT D-Series 2 x 12” Speaker Cabinet

VHT Amplification

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VHT’s D-Series cabinets are matching companions to the best-selling D-Fifty amplifier. These great sounding D-Series cabinets can bring out the best from your D-Fifty or enhance the tone of your existing rig. 

The D-Series Open-Back 2x12 (AV-D-212VHT) is constructed from light-weight mahogany plywood in an open-back cabinet design. It’s loaded with two 12" VHT ChromeBack 16-ohm speakers. It has a Mono/Stereo switch (with isolated ground paths in stereo mode, for no ground issues) and a high-quality, durable, recessed leather handle. It’s a great choice for clean and mildly overdriven tones and the open-back design fills the room with lively multi-dimensional tone. The Mono/Stereo switch, with isolated grounds, adds to its versatility. 

SPEAKERS: 2x12" VHT ChromeBack Speaker OR Empty
CABINET: Finger-Jointed Mahogany Plywood Open-Back Cabinet
WATTS: Mono: 120 Watts; Stereo 60 Watts per side
OHMS: Mono: 8 Ohms; Stereo: 16 Ohms per side
JACKS: 2 Speaker Jacks + Mono/Stereo Switch
MODEL NUMBER 1: AV-D-212VHT (VHT Chromeback Speakers)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review