.strandberg Boden Classic NX 6 Malta Blue


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Product Overview

The Boden Classic NX is the modern and futuristic take of the classic time-tested bolt-on solidbody design with many of the same innovative and groundbreaking ergonomic design and functionality features that the Boden has become renowned for. Incorporating a pickguard on a solid Alder body for a cool retro-modern look and a more traditional sound with the Suhr™ Thornbucker Plus humbucker pickup in raw nickel cover in the bridge position and a pair of Suhr™ V60LP single-coil pickups, the new Boden Classic NX guitars deliver tone, style, feel, and the vibe that traditionalists can enjoy while benefitting from the lightweight design and the Boden’s acclaimed ergonomic features.

Designed for open-minded musicians who also have their feet firmly planted in the traditional ground, the Classic NX features a lightweight solid Alder body mated with carbon reinforced Maple neck with either Maple or Rosewood fretboard. Due to the Classic NX’s solidbody build compared to the chambered body of other Boden NX models, the acoustic character is punchier with a more pronounced midrange focus. Coupled with the pickguard rout and the tremolo system, the overall tone is more traditional that will appeal to more roots-oriented players into classic rock, blues, jazz, and pop. The Suhr™ Thornbucker Plus humbucker with raw nickel over and a pair of Suhr™ V60LP single-coil pickups deliver authentic and timeless vintage-voiced sounds with an extra kick and refinement to suit a wide range of genres and playing styles.

Like all Boden models, the acoustic character of the Classic NX is lively and balanced with superb articulation for both rhythm and lead playing but has a bit more midrange punch due to the Alder solidbody build. Tonally, it emphasizes the mid midrange with a big open sound and just the right amount of shimmer in the highs as well as a firm and well-defined low-end. The patented EndurNeck™ provides both comfort and strength to your forearm and wrist, allowing you to play longer without fatigue and with improved technique so you can focus on your playing and music. The new Rev7 hardware facilitates quick string changes and setup work to keep your guitar in optimum playing condition. The new Venture Gig Bag allows you to take your Boden anywhere with comfort, ease, and robust protection for virtually any environment.

The Boden Classic NX is for the adventurous forward-thinking musician who is not held back by traditions but also deeply appreciates classic sounds and stylings that are timeless and evolve with the present and the future. Embracing the best of the past but incorporating new concepts such as headless design, multi-scale construction, the radically innovative EndurNeck™, and aircraft grade aluminum hardware, the Boden design has stood the test of time and continues to evolve and expand into new frontiers to help modern musicians to be the very best they can be.

An innovative .strandberg* take on the tried-and-true traditional bolt-on solidbody electric guitars of the past, the Classic NX features solid Alder body with Maple neck and Maple or Rosewood fretboard with an overall sound that is familiar yet with the distinctive .strandberg* sound and feel. Now featuring Suhr™ Thornbucker Plus humbucker pickup with raw nickel cover in the bridge position with Suhr™ V60LP single-coil pickups, the Classic NX provides vintage-flavored tones while still being extremely versatile to cover virtually any playing style and genre.

Bolt-On Construction with new sculpted neck joint heel
Solid Alder Body with Arm and Torso Carves
Available Finishes: Malta Blue with Parchment pick guard
Approximate Weight: 2.5kg / 5.5 lbs +/- 10%
Manufactured in Indonesia

.strandberg* EGS Pro Rev7 tremolo system & string locks
Chrome hardware
Original Luminlay™ Green Side Dots
Original Luminlay™ Green Inlays

Maple neck – Quartersawn, Carbon Fiber reinforced
EndurNeck™ Profile
Maple Fretboard for Malta Blue, Rosewood for Viridian Green
20” Fretboard Radius
24 Frets
Jescar 51100 Stainless Steel Fretwire (57110 for zero fret)
D’Addario NYXL 10-46 strings
Standard tuning EADGBE

Venture Gig Bag
NX Multitool and Allen Key kit included
Strap optional
Deluxe Toolkit optional

H-S-S Pickup Configuration
Neck: Suhr V60LP
Middle: Suhr V60LP (reverse-wound, reverse-polarity)
Bridge: Suhr Thornbucker+ Raw Nickel
5-Way Pickup Selector
Neck + Middle
Middle + Bridge
Master Volume + Master Tone


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