Schaller 3D-5 Bass Bridge - Black

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Product Overview

Patented bass bridge for 5-string bass guitars, analogous to the 3D-6 guitar bridge. The roller bridge saddles reliably minimize string breakage while maintaining intonation and tuning stability.

  • 3-dimensional adjustment of string height, intonation and string spacing (with roller bridge saddles).
  • Heavy and precise construction for extra long sustain.

All 3D-5 bass bridges are supplied with a 3mm baseplate and screws as standard.

Optionally, two rollers can be mounted per string ferrule for double string guiding.

You can view detailed measurements of the Schaller 3D-5 Bass Bridge in PDF format HERE

Model: 3-dimensional
Finish: Polished
Surface: Reels
Surface Finish: Black
Type: Bridge 5-strings
Measurements l x w x h (mm): 86 x 57 x 15 (19)
Weight gms/item: 278


(No reviews yet) Write a Review