SansAmp GT2

Tech 21 SansAmp

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Product Overview

“Architecturally” create your own rig in seconds. You can easily achieve the most sought-after tube amp sounds, and entirely new ones as well. Choose amplifier type, modification and speaker cabinet/mic placement configurations. You can easily mix and match specific sound characteristics in ways that would otherwise be physically improbable, probably impractical and definitely not cost effective. The GT2 is a truckload of great amps in a single, simple pedal.

Character switches include:

* Classic = distant miking without ambiance.
* Center = close miking at the center of a speaker cone.
* Off-Axis = close miking at the edge of a speaker cone.

* Clean, which gives you a stock tube amp set-up.
* Hi Gain, which gives you an extra gain stage, as if you were to install an additional 12AX7 tube in the pre-amp section.
* Hot-Wired, which gives you a scooped-out midrange for a sizzling, over-the-edge quality.

* Tweed = Fender®-style
* British = Marshall®-style
* California = Mesa Boogie®-style

Knob controls fine tune the sound for any application. DRIVE adjusts the overall amount of gain and overdrive. LEVEL adjusts the output level, without altering any tonal characteristics. The on-board active tone controls compensate for the limited range of guitar speaker cabinets and combos, offering optimum control in any situation.

Sample style settings for guitar include Bassman®, SRV, Marshall® Bluesbreaker and Plexi, Metallica, and Van Halen; and SVT®, slap, and King's X for bass.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review