Rijatek Cable Caddy

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Are you fed up with your guitar or mic cables becoming a rat’s nest? Twisted and tangled. Then, only to find that the one you untangle is not the one you want!

Then the Rijatek Cable Caddy is for you. With one finger in the centre hole you can wind up your cables “Just like a bought one” in seconds.

They are no longer tangled or twisted. They stack pack or rack neatly and you can always see the two plug ends, so you can grab the one you need, first time!

Rijatek Cable Caddy can store cables up to 15m in length. Guitar leads, Mic cables, XLR PA and DMX Lighting control cables and more.

When rolling out cables, they immediately lay flat with no twists, avoiding trip hazards, and making setup and pack up a breeze!

Ideal for all “Plugged in” musos, band rehearsal rooms, backline audios hire companies, church bands and school music rooms etc.

100% Australian designed and manufactured, and 100% Handy!

*Cable not included

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review