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Product Overview

When Hum & Buzz issues crop up in your sound be prepared with the Morley Hum Removal Toolbox. The new Morley Humno and famous Morley Hum Eliminator bundled together will Solve 90% of the Hum & Buzz problems you will encounter. If one device doesn’t solve the Humissue, the other will! The Humno removes Hum and noise on the AC Power Line,while the Hum Eliminator removes Hum and noise on the Audio Lines between devices. Save Big when you Buy Both Together!

Morley Hum Eliminator™

Morley's Hum Eliminator™ (formerly Ebtech) uses their custom in-house made Isolation Transformers to break loop antennas that cause ground hum and buzz. The Hum Eliminator™ also converts back and forth between balanced and unbalanced connections and prevents the cable to act as an antenna for noise.

Simply place a channel of the Hum Eliminator™ on the cable connections between the two offending pieces of equipment. Hum Eliminator™ will not affect the quality of the audio, it will improve it.

Morley use 1/4″ smart jacks that accept any combination of unbalanced (TS) or unbalanced (TRS) plugs. These are passive devices (no power required), in cold rolled steel housings, hand-soldered circuit boards and top quality components and hardware.

All Morley products are designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.


  • 2-Channel Hum Eliminator™
  • 1/4″ Smart Jacks and XLR Jacks
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ (L) / 3.25″ (W) / 1.75″ (H)
  • Prevents Ground Loops That Create Hum and Buzz
  • Custom Morley Isolation Transformers
  • Converts Back and Forth Between Unbalanced and Balanced Cable Types
  • Simply Insert on Audio Connections Between Offending Pieces of Gear
  • Not Intended for Use on Mic Level, Instrument or Powered Speaker Line

Morley HUMNO

The Humno gets rid of Hum and Buzz at the Source! Just plug it into the power input of your amplifier or other audio device and say goodbye to that pesky Hum. The Humno prevents the causes of Hum and Buzz from reaching your Audio Equipment so your sound remains crystal clear. It works anywhere in the world and easily connects to your Audio Equipment’s power cable input. 


  • Gets Rid of Hum & Buzz Right at The Source!
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 1.6″ x 1″
  • Filters the Ground Line of Excess Low Voltage and Current that Cause Audio Noise
  • Maintains Proper Ground
  • NOT a Ground Lift
  • Simply Connect the Humno™ to Power Plug Input of Offending Gear
  • Maximum recommended Current per Humno™ Is 8 Amps
  • Handy LED Shows Power is On and Unit Is Working
  • Morley Part Number: HUMNO

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