Mooer EXPLINE Micro Expression Pedal


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Product Overview

EXPLINE is a micro sized expression pedal which houses high quality electrical components, ensuring smooth a precise control at all times.

1?Output 1 and Output 2 are wired differently from one and other to ensure good operation with equipment from many different brands. Try both outputs to find which renders the best results

2?Please connect the designated AC adapter to an AC outlet of the correct voltage. Please be sure to use only an AC adapter which supplies 9V DC(±10%), , center negative.

3?Built using high quality components that provides smooth and precise control at all time

Power: 9V DC centre pin negative.Recommend Mooer Micro Power
Power consumption: 35mA
Dimensions: 128mm(D) x 55mm(W) x 48mm(H)
Weight 460g


(No reviews yet) Write a Review