Mooer R7 Reverb Pedal


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Product Overview

The MOOER R7 Digital Reverb pedal brings rich, classic reverb tones to The New Micro Series. Based on a brand-new set of unique reverb algorithms, the R7 packs 7 types of reverb effects from the “Church” to the “Cave”.

High and Low Cut controls allow users to trim redundant frequencies and shape the tone freely, while the built-in trail functions can be switched between normal mode and “Trail On” mode to allow effects to fade out naturally. Of course, each effect’s settings can be saved using the different preset slots so you never need to worry about losing that perfect tone!
  • 7 classic reverb effects
  • “Trail On” function allows the effects to fade out naturally
  • Buffer Bypass
  • Storable preset for each effect

  • Input: 1/4”mono jack (impedance value 2.2 M ohms)
  • Output: 1/4”mono jack (impedance value 100 ohms)
  • Power supply: AC adapter 9V DC , center negative. MOOER Micro Power is recommended
  • Current Draw: 200mA
  • Dimension: 93.5mm(D)x42mm(W)x52mm(H)
  • Weight: 155g
  • Accessories: Owner’s manual
  • Bypass: Buffer Bypass


(No reviews yet) Write a Review