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Building on the foundations of the iconic 60's Supergroup family of amps, this is a pure-bred valve amp with all the benefits of a digital plugin. Designed with recording in mind, the LA-STUDIO is a low-wattage head with built-in Two Notes Torpedo technology that provides direct connection to virtual Laney cabinets and the Two Notes DynIR library for a super simple and immersive recording experience.

3 x ECC83 preamp tubes. 1 x 12BH7 power tube. Full internal reactive load for silent operation without a cabinet.

Twin channel, each with Bass and Treble inputs. Front Panel Controls: Power switch, Brake switch, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain. Back Panel: Balanced DI with ground lift. Headphone socket. 6 way Virtual Cabinet selector with level control.

Peak LED for Two Notes. USB Type A. MIDI In, Out/Thru. 16 & 8 Ohm speaker outputs. Marine grade, plywood cabinet with retro banding strip, tolex covering and rubber strap handle.

The LA-STUDIO is an Impulse Response loaded, 3W or <0.1 Watt version of the critical acclaimed LA30BL head. Loaded with a full Two Note Torpedo module, the LA-STUDIO is a real tube amp with all the benefits and ease of use of a digital PLUGIN. Real hot tubes, real hot tone, real feel and real

Featuring 3 ECC83 Large Plate pre amp tubes and a 12BH7 Power Tube, the LA-STUDIO is a classic 3 Watt all tube head with some surprises up its sleeve.

Low Power Class AB Tube power stage
Integrated Two Notes Torpedo, Emulated DI out
Integrated high quality reactive load for silent cabinet free operation.
Equipped with a brake switch. When engaged, the Brake reduces the output from 3W RMS to 0.1W RMS. Low volume without

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