Jim Dunlop Resonator Guitar Phosphor Strings

Dunlop Strings

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Dunlop Resonator Guitar Strings are constructed of the finest phosphor bronze wire available in the perfect core-to-wrap ratio formula for a well-balanced set. This clear sounding set features bass strings that growl and treble strings that sing to perfectly display the dynamics of your playing style.

Dunlop Americana Strings capture the sound and feel of America’s finest musical traditions. Dunlop meticulously balance every set to give you a range of rich, full tones and a comfortable feel that lets the notes flow freely from your fingertips. To keep your strings factory-fresh, they package them in a VCI bag that keeps moisture out. Count on Dunlop Strings when it’s time to string up.

Made in the USA.

Phosphor Bronze 16 18 28 36 46 56


(No reviews yet) Write a Review