Jim Dunlop 12-String Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings

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Product Overview

Dunlop Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings provide rich, warm tones that resonate with fullness and depth. Custom wound onto a high carbon steel hex core, they offer players incredible clarity and dynamics.

Dunlop's formula creates strings that are exceptionally long-lived; they break in fast and stay bright so you can spend more time playing and less time changing your strings. Whether you're finger picking or strumming, your bass notes will remain focused, chords will ring out, and harmonics will pop and sing.

Available gauges:

Light 12-String: 10 14  8  12 18 27
                        10 14 23 30 39 47

Medium 12-String: 12 16 10 13 18 30
                            12 16 26 34 45 52


(No reviews yet) Write a Review