Hiscox Lifeflite Artist Series Ivory Large Classical Case

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Product Overview

Suits Large nylon strung classic style guitars typically 387mm (14 ½") lower bout measurement. Ivory Exterior Finish.

The Artist Series is the top-of-the-line Hiscox Case. High-impact 2.5mm ABS outer shell bonded directly to an inner moulding of High Tech cellular foam offers unprecedented shock and thermal protection and can withstand in excess of 1,000 lbs direct pressure without failing. These Cases have outstanding protection for your fine instrument. Outer shell increased to nominal 2.5mm* thick. This increase in outer shell thickness improves the impact/puncture resistance by 4 times compared to Hiscox's standard range!

Fully hardened aluminium valance for increased rigidity over Standard and Pro II guitar case ranges. More heavily padded interior finished in deluxe velour. 100% leather handle. 2" wide carrying strap included.

*Shell thickness quoted is the raw sheet thickness before moulding. The thickness of the finished shell varies depending upon the moulded shape.

All measurements are approximate and have been taken to the inside of the side cushions.
These sizes are to be used as a guide only as different guitars with seemingly identical dimensions fit differently within the same case due to shape/contour differences between instruments.

Click HERE for the Hiscox Measurment Chart


(No reviews yet) Write a Review