Hiscox Artist Series Tenor Saxophone Case

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Product Overview

The Hiscox Artist Series Tenor Saxophone Case is from the toughest series in the Hiscox range. Using the same visual design as the Pro-II, the Artist range has all of the features of the Pro-II with the following added benefits :

  • The outer shell is 25% thicker than the Pro II giving an impact resistance to puncture of twice ( x 2 ) that of the Pro II range.
  • The Artist aluminium is fully hardened greatly increasing the stiffness of the aluminium 'band' around the case.
  • Deluxe velour used for the case lining
  • Larger steel lock and  catches
  • Full leather carrying handle
  • Shoulder strap included

Hiscox quality hardshell cases protect your musical instruments. They are tough, lightweight, thermally insulated and made in the UK. The choice of leading musicians worldwide. Their LiteFlite technology is what makes a Hiscox, a Hiscox.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review