Graph Tech Sonic 1 Nickel One-Piece Wraparound Bridge

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Product Overview

The ResoMax Harmonic Bridge System is made from our lightweight alloy designed to have your guitar bursting with harmonics. It's exclusive AutoLock feature secures the brides and tailpieces to your guitar, with or without strings magnetically with no tools to use or lose. All ResoMax bridges are triple plated for years of durability and good looks.

Designed to maximize harmonic content and richness in every note, the Sonic 1 also dramatically improves the restringing process with our  patent-pending QuickString Mounting System.  The entire line of ResoMax bridges and tailpieces are made from our proprietary lightweight high-strength ResoMax alloy, that leaves each note dripping in tone and harmonics. Exclusive to the ResoMax System, the patented Auto-Lock locking feature magnetically secures your bridge and tailpiece at all times without tools to use or lose.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review