DiMarzio DP703 Blaze™ Custom

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Expected release date is 19th Aug 2022

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Product Overview

The Blaze™ Bridge Model has a very distinct “clean overdrive” sound. The Blaze™ Custom Bridge was built for 7-string players who prefer a hotter bridge pickup with more mid-range. Because more power is focused in the middle of the guitar’s range, the Blaze™ Custom Bridge will overdrive an amp more easily and the sound will be fatter. DiMarzio still don't want the seventh string to get muddy, so they used their dual-resonance design to add some crispness to the low end. You'll get more attack and hotter harmonic overtones, too.

Output mV: 410
Treble: 6
Mid: 7
Bass: 7


(No reviews yet) Write a Review