DiMarzio DP701 Blaze™ Middle

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Product Overview

Seven-string guitars are hard to amplify. Most players tune the seventh string to a low “B” (or even “A”), and it's a real trick to get a big, solid tone from the other strings without the seventh turning to mud. The Blaze™ Middle single-coil is exceptionally tight, and is designed to be a match for the Blaze™ humbuckers in split mode. Both lows and highs are bright and clean.

14K ohms may seem like a lot of resistance for a single-coil, but the Blaze™ is not at all muddy — it's bright and even-sounding through the entire 7-string frequency range.

Recommended For All positions. Also available with reverse polarity to achieve hum canceling when used in pairs.
Quick Connect No
Wiring 4 Conductor
Magnet Ceramic
Resistance 13.46 Kohm
Year of Introduction 1990


(No reviews yet) Write a Review