DiMarzio DP308 PAF® 57 Neck Pickup - Black/Relic White


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Expected release date is 2nd Jul 2024

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Product Overview

DiMarzio has been on the cutting edge of pickup design and has been a game changer for over 50 years. They pride ourselves on our originality, innovation, and the constant pursuit of excellence.

The PAF® 57 uses a 2½-inch Alnico 2 magnet as the energy source, setting the stage for sonic brilliance. Using computer-controlled winders, DiMarzio scatter-wind the 42 AWG enamel wire, adding dimension to the meticulously matched coils and enriching the guitar's voice and dynamics while adding depth without compromise.

Fear not: these pickups are wax-potted, vanquishing any whisper of microphonic feedback. All the pole pieces and studs are nickel plated, while a maple spacer ensures perfect coil alignment between the bobbins.

PAF® 57 pickups paint an auditory masterpiece — creamy tones, flawless hum cancellation, and a crystalline top end. The PAF® 57 has the perfect output for use with high gain amplifiers.

Choose your vibe with black, relic white, or cream butyrate bobbins, or traditional nickel covers. The PAF® 57 Neck and Bridge models deliver open dynamics, a bright attack, smooth midrange, and a resounding bottom end.

DiMarzio doesn’t answer to a board of directors. We answer to a higher power: musicians.

Combine with the PAF® 57 Bridge for the full vintage experience.

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Quick Connect: No
Wiring: 1 Conductor
Magnet: Alnico 2
Resistance: 8.18 Kohm
Year of Introduction: 2024


(No reviews yet) Write a Review