DiMarzio DP205 Steve Morse Model™ Neck


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Steve Morse has a unique approach to playing guitar, and DiMarzio designed his pickups to match his technique. Steve commonly switches between pickups mid-solo — playing the neck pickup on the high notes and the bridge pickup on the lows — so both pickups must be evenly-balanced over the entire fingerboard. DiMarzio engineered the Steve Morse Model™ Neck specifically for this purpose, with a dark, smooth sound that is clean and uncompressed.

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Neck position

Tech Talk
Steve's neck model has a very specific sound, which is almost exactly the opposite of his bridge pickup in every way — it has low output and a warm, very smooth, almost flat attack. The DC resistance spec is very high, but the magnet is not strong, and this combination accounts for the unusual mix of dark tone and low output.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review