D-Tronic Q7 5 Piece Electronic Kit Package

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Product Overview

D-Tronic Q7 drum module with multi function LED display and USB midi.
Pre-assembled heavy duty rack. 1 x 8" snare pad with rim zone trigger. 3 x 8" natural rebound tom pads. 2 x 8" cymbals with adjustable tilters. 1 x 12" hi-hat with adjustable tilter. Heavy duty hi-hat and bass drum pedal controller.

Includes all required cables, labelled and length specific. Separate master, phones and aux. controls plus master data wheel for on the fly adjustments. 206 voices, 25 preset kits and 5 user kits, 50 preset songs and 2 demo songs. Fully adjustable metronome with 8 time signatures, real time recording and playback. 8 reverb and 8 chorus effects.

Sensitivity, threshold, velocity and cross-talk controls for fine tuning of pads. Headphone output for silent practice. Stereo master ¼” output, aux. in for MP3/CD playalong. USB midi, midi out.

Includes drum throne, headphones, drum sticks, stick bag and DC9V power supply.

Box dimensions: 90cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 30cm (D).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review