Carlsbro CSD25M 5 Piece Kit Electronic Mesh Head Drum Kit

Carlsboro Drums

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Product Overview

Commander 25 sound module featuring multi function LED Display. 320 high quality voices, 22 preset drum kits, 10 user-defined drum kits, 20 demo songs, 3 recording-playback slots, reverb effect, adjustable metronome, adjustable trigger settings, USB MIDI input and output, USB audio output, dual headphone outputs, Stereo output & auxiliary input.

4 x 8" realistic mesh Tom & Snare pads with low profile drum rims designed to increase accuracy and reduce noise from unwanted rim shots. New sensor technology alleviates dead spots across the head, greatly improving playability and creating a natural feel.

Snare pad is dual zone allowing rimshot and side stick sounds into your playing. Lightweight, super durable aluminium Hi-Hat
& Bass pedals with sensitivity and velocity adjustment. 3 x 10" cymbal pads featuring advanced, noise reducing, soft touch rubber padding. Both the Crash and Ride cymbals include a cymbal choke feature.

USB Audio and MIDI interface allows high quality audio recording direct to your DAW from the USB output. Instantly transfer MIDI data for MIDI recording, MIDI control and learning via a single USB cable.

Connect seamlessly with "Melodics" tutorial software and unlock 50 FREE drum tuition lessons targeted at beginner and intermediate drummers.

Fully adjustable, preassembled drum rack gives you unlimited configuration and positioning versatility to cater for drummers of all ages and sizes.

Quickly and easily converts to suit left-handed drummers. Adjustments are easily made with hand fastening wing. Includes cable loom, drum key, drum sticks and 12V DC power supply.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review