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While there are many excellent drum books, most specialise in particular styles of drumming, which is good news as one progresses. However in order to specialise, one first needs to master all the fundamentals or basics. The Complete Drummer’s Guide presents all the fundamentals of drumming in a logical, progressive sequence. The formula includes all aspects of reading drum music, snare drum rudiments, grooves (Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, Reggae, Jazz, Latin etc.), drum fills and soloing ideas, time-keeping and improvisation. The available downloads feature 53 bass and percussion groove backing tracks.

In Australia/NZ, The Complete Drummer’s Guide replaces Drumming Top to Bottom Intermediate Bk/CD (the red book!). With additional material and established sales of over 35,000 copies, this is hands-down the most popular drum book on the market. Includes Drum Charts for Complete Drummer's Guide (sold separately online, but included in book).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review