VHT Special 6 6V6 to EL84 Adapter

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The Special 6 EL84 adapter re-configures the Special 6's 6V6 output tube socket to accept an EL84 output tube. Now Special 6 players can enjoy the earlier breakup, distinctive mid-range complexity and legendary top end chime that only an EL84 can provide.

The Special 6 EL84 adapter works in other 6V6 amps as well. Check with your amp tech to be sure your amp's voltages don't exceed the maximum ratings for an EL84.

Expand your amp's range of tones by converting it to EL84 output tubes. Works best with cathode-biased 6V6 amps. It's a straight pin-to-pin adapter with no internal components.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review