Stomp Box Kick Box - Made in Australia by Stu Box

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Product Overview

Keep the beat and enhance your performance with the authentic Kick Box.

This great innovative design revolutionizes the idea of a Stomp Box by incorporating a traditional bass drum pedal that strikes the plate, allowing consistent tone and volume as well as ease of play-ability. It provides the user much greater control over the speed and power when the stomp box is struck and allows for beats to be played at a much greater tempo with better consistency and less fatigue.

The pedal is fully adjustable for height and tension as well as adjustable spikes for better traction on flat surfaces. The beater can be adjusted to strike the plate in different areas, allowing the same variety of tones achieved in the other Box models.

Simply plug into a PA or Amp. Can be used as a trigger and could become a double kick pedal for your existing electronic drum kit.

Designed by Stu Box and made from Solid Australian Timbers.

Instructions: For best results, stomp or tap the plate with your heel, forefoot or fingers. Variations in the sound can be achieved by stomping in different areas of the wooden surface.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review