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Product Overview

Learn the techniques, licks and tricks used by the world’s greatest lead guitarists. Takes you from basic 12 Bar Blues through to improvising your own solos. Uses both Tab and standard music notation and features dynamic video and audio of all examples so you can see and hear both left and right hand parts of everything up close.

Teaches you:

  • Essential lead guitar techniques like note bending, slides, hammer-ons and two handed tapping.
  • Speed picking techniques including alternate picking and tremolo picking.
  • Riffs, licks and full length solos in a variety of styles including Rock, Metal, Blues, Pop and Funk.
  • Essential rhythms including quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes and triplets, along with ties, rests, shuffles and syncopated rhythms.
  • Scales and patterns used by professional lead guitarists, including pentatonic scales, blues scales and major scales.
  • How to create your own riffs, licks and solos.

Also features jam-along tracks so you can play everything you learn along with the backing band. Also includes special sections on tuning, how to read sheet music, learning the notes on the entire guitar fretboard and diagrams of all the scales and patterns you need to play lead guitar on your favourite songs.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review