Music Nomad FRINE Fret Polish

Music Nomad

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Product Overview

Clean, smooth frets will not only make bending & vibrato easier, but prolong your string life. Oxidized, dirty frets cause more string damage than you’d think. Music Nomad’s revolutionary FRINE Fret Polish has micro-fine polishing compounds that safely & quickly remove oxidation, dirt & oil.

Restore smoothness & a mirror shine to your frets without the hassle of harsh cleaners & messy steel wool. Look, Sound & Play the Best with FRINE fret polish.

  • Cleans, smooth frets will improve playability and string life
  • Cleans and shines frets
  • Removes oxidation
  • Petroleum Free
  • Safe on all metal fret wire
  • 1 Fl. oz / 30 mL



(No reviews yet) Write a Review