Music Nomad Drum Detailing Towel

Music Nomad

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Product Overview

For doing the dirty work of cleaning and polishing your cymbals, hardware & drum shells use MusicNomad's specially designed drum polishing cloths to deliver showroom ready results. To reduce cross contaminating our drum polish and cymbal polish & because a drum set has a lot of surface area we provide 2 super soft, effective towels.

Microfiber is a revolutionary material containing 90,000 microfibers per square inch. These fibers remove dirt & grime from surfaces and are the best way to clean your drum and cymbals. Also, an ultrasonic cut on the edging creates an innovative stitch free design to avoid scratching your drums.

It's recommended these drum polish cloths be used with Music Nomad's Drum Detailer and Cymbal Cleaner.

  • Great for Cleaning & Polishing
  • Safe On All Surfaces
  • Non-Hemmed Edge Will Not Scratch
  • Non-Linting
  • 2 Per Pack
  • Made Using High Quality Microfiber


(No reviews yet) Write a Review