Morley Cliff Burton Tribute Power Wah Fuzz


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Clifford Lee Burton is regarded as one of the greatest Bass players of all time. He transformed the instrument and left an incredible legacy. One of the secret weapons to his tone arsenal was a Morley Power Wah Fuzz. Cliff’s use of a Wah Pedal for Bass solos was revolutionary. The Power Wah Fuzz had a Wah Sweep like no other Wah Wah Pedal at the time and it’s Optical Circuitry also gave it a unique flavor that contributed to Cliff’s thunderous sound. Morley has reissued this classic pedal as a tribute to the one and only Cliff Burton.

When compared to the original version the Power Wah Fuzz delivers it’s iconic tone, but with modern improvements. Most notably, it’s now equipped with Morley’s famous Switchless Activation. Just step on the treadle to activate and step off to Bypass. You also start at the more desirable lower end of the Sweep. It also sports a Distressed Chrome finish mimicking the battle worn pedal Cliff used. The Wah Circuit has a 15db Level control perfect for pushing your signal above the mix for earth shattering solos. It also sports Morley’s Glow-in-the-Dark treadle and toe sticker that not only look great but help you find your pedal on the darkest of stages and uses standard 9v power.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review