Mooer AIR P10 Air Plug 2.4Ghz Guitar Wireless System

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Product Overview

The Mooer Air P10 Plug Wireless Guitar System provides great compatibility for guitarists wherever they go. Based on the MOOER Micro series’ design language, Air Plug is compact, dependable and intuitive. Up to 90 feet transfer range and 5-hour long battery life, make it reliably portable. With easy-to-use controls, low latency, Air Plug offers stable performance wherever to be placed on the amplifier, pedalboard. 


· 4 individual channels, allows 4 gears work simultaneously

· Ranges up to 45 feet

· Less than 5ms latency

· Power Saving mode.

· 5-hours long battery life

· Suitable for electric guitar, acoustic instruments with piezoelectric pickups

1.P10 TRANSMITTER into your instrument. P10 RECEIVER into the input of amplifier or stompbox.


3.The default channel is Channel A. Please set the TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER to the same channel.

4.LED light will stay green when the connection is stable. LED light blinks when the connection is weak, please change current channel or check electromagnetic interference to prevent from signal interruption.

5.Please utilize the USB cable comes with the unit to charge.



Effective Distance: 15 meters

Latency: Less than 5ms

Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz,+1dB/-3dB

Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.05%(1K Hz @-10dbFS)

Input Dynamic: >103dB

Frequency Band: 2.4G Hz ISM Worldwide

Working Temperature: -10 C to 50 C

Bit Deep: 24bit

Sample Rate: 48KHz

Dimension: 117mm(D)*42mm(W)*30mm(H)

Weight: 50g

Accessories: USB cable,Ownerʹs Manual、Portable Package

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review