MBT ABS 4-Unit Rack Case with Wheels

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Product Overview

This MBT 4-Unit Rack Case with Wheels has a lightweight ABS construction with aluminium valences ensuring security and protection without too much added weight, or cost.

The aluminium valences and heavy-duty fasteners offer increased weather resistance, improved structural stability and additional impact resistance. Threaded steel rails on both the front and back of all MBT Rackmount Cases provide optimal mounting versatility and added security for your equipment.

MBT Cases feature an easy-to-carry load-bearing recessed handle design which spreads the weight across the case, making bulky loads more manageable. Extra-deep designs accommodate gear of nearly every dimension. Moulded feet allow you to stack all of your gear safely.

For ease of transport a pull out handle and roller blade wheels adorn this well featured essential accessory to your travelling rig.

Internal Dimensions (W x H x D cm): - 45.5 x 18.2 x 41.5


(No reviews yet) Write a Review