Laney LV300T 120 Watt Tube Fusion Guitar Combo


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Product Overview

There’s nothing like the sound of a tube and that’s why the LV300T features a ECC83 placed at just the right point in the signal path for that dynamic response to your playing that only a tube can give. You’ll want your playing to be heard. That’s why we amplify the sound of these beautiful tube driven preamp sections with a 120 watt RMS output stage in the LV300T. The LV300T is loaded with 2 × 12” HH drivers which gives you a greater presence on stage where you would benefit from more pressure level and a better dispersion.

The LV300T’s front panel is nicely laid-out and feature a clean channel with dedicated EQ, and two Drive channels which share an EQ, but with separate gain and master control for each.

The LV300T features a pre-amp valve – housing Tube Fusion Technology in its hybrid design. Giving you that legendary Valve Mojo to the pre-amp drive tones! Plus another benefit of a hybrid design is a lack of weight – any model in the LV range can be loaded in and out of a car boot or van without fear of injury but is as tough as it needs to be to withstand the rigours of gigging!

V is more to these amps than just being in the word LiVe – each drive channel features a V switch. The V switch gives you an instantly scooped tone. The nice thing is that there is one per channel – giving you flexibility to scoop the rhythm tone whilst leaving the solo tone unaffected. Next comes the VTS switch – this feature globally boosts certain bass and upper mid frequencies whilst cutting some of the lower mid.

Finally, the digital reverb section with individual controls for the clean and the drive channels, a really nice user-friendly feature.

The rear panel of the LV300T features everything you need – simple series effects loops an extension speaker socket and a footswitch socket. Each model in the LV range comes supplied with a sturdy metal FS3 custom three way footswitch!!

The LV300T is geared towards live performance. Loud. Stage worthy and refreshingly user friendly. Finished in a tough black tolex with large protective corners the LV300 will look as good as it first did gig after gig.

So when you think LiVe, think LV.


Bright Switch: Yes (Clean Channel)
Cabinet Design: Rugged plastic corners, rubber handle and rubber feet
Channels: 3 (Clean, Drive 1 and Drive 2)
Packed Dimensions (HxWxD mm): 525 x 710 x 330
Drivers: 2 x 12" HH Driver
Equalisation: Independent Bass, Mid, and Treble for Clean and Drive
Footswitch: Custom 3-Way (Included)
FX Loop(s): Yes
Headphone Socket: No
Inputs: 1 x Jack
Power: 120 Watts
Reverb: Yes, with independent level controls for Clean and Drive
Scoop Switch: 2 (Drive 1 & Drive 2)
Speaker connections: 1 x Jack (8 Ohms)
Tube Fusion Techlogy: ECC83 Preamp Valve
Weight: 23 Kg packed 21.5 Kg Unit
Unit Dims - for int. case (H x W x D mm): 478 x 669 x 288


(No reviews yet) Write a Review