Laney LFR-412 2600 Watt 4 X 12" FRFR Powered Reference Cabinet


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Product Overview

Power to amplify your digital rig

Laney are the first amplifier brand to develop a REAL solution for players using a digital rig, providing players with a stylish and imposing sound presence on stage.

As that market has grown, so too has the LFR’s reputation as the market leader in powered full range, flat response (FRFR) guitar cabinets.

Following the huge success of our LFR-112 and LFR-212 powered cabinets, we’ve decided to offer up the World’s first 4x12 dedicated FRFR guitar cabinet. The LFR-412.

The 4x12 has always been the Guitarist’s choice format, there is just something about the iconic look and the feel of the movement of air as it is driven out towards an audience. We wanted to give today’s players the chance to really experience that, even when using their modellers.

This imposing, 2600 WATT, FRFR powered cabinet is absolutely BEST IN CLASS packed full of additional features, powerful output options and is the perfect partner for whatever profiler you choose.

Designed in collaboration with - the legendary – Devin Townsend. The LFR-412 features LA⋅IR -Laney Advance Impulse Response technology – that uses 56bit FIR filters to provide stunning cabinet emulation. The LFR-412 ships with two stunning IRs designed and used by the legendary, Devin Townsend.

The USB connectivity allows players to load their own IRs, if they so wish and the supplied LA⋅IR-LFR app allows for further fine tuning. Housing the IR in the cabinet frees up much needed processing power within the player’s digital rig, allowing for even greater creativity and reliability. In short, the LFR-412 does the heavy lifting.

There are certain times when the FOH engineer wants something which is different from what you want to hear from your cabinet on stage. No problem. The LFR-412 allows you to run simultaneous DUAL IR’s and select which of your high-quality IR’s goes where! This way you can give the sound guy exactly what he wants whilst giving yourself the sound of a full blown 4x12 for that full on trouser flapping experience!

Our ever-expanding LFR artist family includes, Jack Gardiner, Andy James, LI-SA X, Martin Miller and many more. Including - of course- Devin Townsend and Guthrie Govan. Devin worked closely with our UK design team to ensure that the LFR-412 would meet the needs of even the most demanding touring guitarist and he’s so proud of the end result, stating “I truly believe it’s a game changer”.

It joins a range of LFR powered cabinets that all feature tailor-made drivers, designed and engineered by HH Acoustics. The LFR-412’s stunning HH BLACK SERIES professional 12” woofers, and LaVoce compression driver delivers power and precision and, importantly, response that ensures that the player feels like they have a REAL guitar cabinet by their side. Because they do…Because with over 55 years’ experience in amplification design and delivery, Laney understands the thrill of feeling the air move, the interaction between player, amp and cabinet, the MOJO that only Laney LFRs deliver. The LFR-412 has a far more authentic response and feel very familiar to a guitar player when compared with the other lesser FRFR style cabs in the market.

These captivating FRFR powered cabinets are redefining the standard that players should expect from their digital rigs …They look cool too.

2600 WATTS
Higher Power Asymmetric Class-D Power Amplifier
LA·IR is Laney Advance Impulse Response technology, using 56bit FIR filters to provide high quality cabinet emulation
LA·IR Dual Selectable High quality Digital IR for CABINET and EMULATED DI OUT
Ultra Low Noise Design
High Dynamic Range Input stage to allow for hot and cold signal levels
USB Interface to adjust parameters using supplied LA·IR-LFR app
Balanced Female XLR/Jack Combi input & 3.5mm Stereo aux in
Volume and HF room trim control
Road Ready Plywood Construction
4 x HH BLACK SERIES Professional woofers: BLACK 30050
100-240V Universal Voltage, IEC C14, lead included
Castors Removeable, Push Fit Castors Included. (Castor Cups allow easy stacking)
Front illuminated downlight strip
Balanced Male XLR DI Out & Balanced Male XLR Link Out
Controls: - Volume, HF Trim, Speaker and DI out Emulation Switch, Ground lift, Light switch
1" LaVoce DF10 Horn
Crossover Frequency - 3kHz
Frequency response 48Hz-18kHz
Hard wearing black vinyl & black metal corners

Item dimensions: 820mm x 770mm x 365mm (HWD)
Item weight 42.8Kg
Carton dimensions: 920mm x 880mm x 480mm (HWD)
Carton weight 50.8Kg

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