Laney Ironheart Foundry LEADTOP 60 watt Guitar Head


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Product Overview

The IRONHEART FOUNDRY series has taken the sheer power and dynamism of our IRONHEART tube amps and smelted and forged their characteristics to deliver monstrous power and incredible versatility in an ultra-compact form.

The IRONHEART LEADTOP is the baby brother of the DUALTOP, perfect for your desktop but with enough power to gig with!

This 60-Watt amplifier serves up the power, dynamism, and versatility of Laney’s critically acclaimed IRONHEART tube range… in a compact, portable solution that is practical and a lot of fun to use!

This single channel amp features a foot switchable pre-boost feeding a channel that can be run in either Clean or lead modes.

Featuring independent gain and volume controls, a triple-mode EQ voicings switch allowing for dynamic alterations to the tone, PLUS a 3 band passive tone stack.

The LEADTOP is packed full of features for recording and practice too.

It has a cabinet emulated Headphone out for silent practice, an aux in for your backing tracks.

A really great quality (transformer isolated) effects loop – the FX SEND also doubles as a line out too allowing you to connect and record your tone or send it to a PA.

And the high and low power mode switch to allows you to perform at less than 1 watt without altering the volume and gain settings.

Just like the DUALTOP, the LEADTOP can be purchased as a rig with a matching GS112FE cabinet. The cab features a purpose-built chassis and an HH designed 12-inch matching driver.

Both amps are perfect for home use, recording, rehearsal and gigging.

Single channel amp with clean and lead mode, plus boost. High and low power modes.

Front loaded control panel. Single input with foot-switchable pre-boost level, gain, volume with clean, rhythm, lead switch and natural, bright, dark switch, bass, middle and treble controls.

Headphone socket. Mini jack MP3/AUX input. Transformer isolated FX loop. Footswitch socket. 8 & 16 ohm external speaker connection. 60w and <1w output switch.

Plywood construction, metal protective corners, tolex covering and rubber feet. Supplied with 100 - 240V universal voltage power supply. Optional footswitch FS1-MINI (not included).

Black. Weight 3.67kg.

Dimensions: 163 (H) x 292 (W) x 184mm (D).

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review