Laney CUB-212 100W 2 x 12" Guitar Amp Cabinet


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Product Overview

Intricate Vintage tone
This open backed 2 x 12 Cabinet is lightweight and easy to transport and makes an ideal partner for any Laney guitar head. This cabinet delivers pure vintage tone in a small format and can be used in either landscape or portrait and is the perfect partner to the CUB-SUPERTOP.

At the heart of the cab are 2 custom voiced HH drivers. These drivers feature enormously detailed and complex overtones, a warm low-end, a rich vocal mid-range and a beautifully detailed top-end. Used to reveal the complexities in the CUP-SUPERTOP this cabinet delivers a wonderfully intricate vintage 3D tone.

12" HH Custom Drivers
Loaded with 2 x 12 HH Drivers

Input jack & Link jack

Lightweight & portable
Open backed for open mids
Ideal partner for a small tube head
Vintage boutique design
8 Ohm Impedance
Item dimensions: 430mm x 700mm x 230mm (HWD)
Carton dimensions: 495mm x 580mm x 295mm (HWD)
Item weight: 13.80kg

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review