Jim Dunlop Rev. Willy's Mexican Lottery Brand Mojo Slide

Jim Dunlop

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The legendary bluesman Billy Gibbons brings you Reverend Willy's authentic Blues Bottle® Mo-Jo and Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slides.
The traditional Blues Bottle® slide offers crisp, bright tone and detailed top end for a sharper attack; hand blown for perfect weight and balance and made of durable and seamless Pryex glass.
The Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide is crafted of high-fired porcelain and coated in a thick glaze, resulting in tone that’s articulate but not too bright. Designed with just the right amount of mass for a thick singing tone that’s as big as Texas. Featuring a moisture-absorbing interior to prevent slipping.

Mo-Jo Porcelain Guitar Slide - Large


(No reviews yet) Write a Review