Jim Dunlop Primetone™ 1.50mm Semi Round Players Pack

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When is a pick not just a pick? When it’s a PRIMETONE™!
Dunlop’s Ultex material emulates the consistency and texture of the much sought after original tortoise shell picks. Ultex® provides maximum durability and an improved clarity of note for superior tonal definition. Now well established as a favourite material by guitarists worldwide, Dunlop have released the new Primetone™ hand sculpted range of picks.

Primetone™ sculpted plectra will glide off your strings and bring out the true voice and clarity of your instrument. With hand burnished sculpted edges, these picks allow for fast articulate runs and effortless strumming. They are available in three different shapes: Standard, triangle and semi round. Try one and hear and feel the difference!

Contains 3 x 1.50mm Semi Round Ultex® Primetone™ picks in a display bag.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review