Jim Dunlop Heavy Core 7 String Set

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Product Overview

With Heavy Core® technology, you can now play a seven-string guitar in standard and dropped tunings or tune down without compromising note quality or modifying your instrument.

Gauges: .10, .13, .17, .28, .38, 48, .60. This set works great in standard B, B with dropped A, and 1/2 step B Flat tunings.

Heavy Core® Strings are uniquely designed for the player who tunes low and plays hard, featuring heavier core wires that allow the player to really "dig in" while retaining definition and punch without modifying his or her instrument.

Heavy Core® Strings, like all Dunlop Strings, are manufactured with the highest quality of materials and engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review