ISP Technologies Michael Sweet Empyrean Pedal

ISP Technologies

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Expected release date is 24th Jul 2024

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Product Overview

“I could not be more excited about working with ISP on the design and release of the new “Empyrean” signature MS pedal! You can achieve anything from clean to dirty to over the top saturation, yet it remains tight and focused with the absolute best noise reduction on the planet. Add an effects loop, a clean boost for solos and a custom EQ circuit and you have everything that you need to get the best tone possible. I’ve always been a “tone chaser” and this pedal delivers the best tone possible. And it’s affordable to anyone who wants the same thing. An absolute game changer!” - MICHAEL SWEET

The EMPYREAN PREAMP PEDAL brings you Michael’s new tone machine with dual preamplifiers and Distortion providing subtle crunch to over-the-top gain and a killer tone Clean channel. Both preamps include Gain, Bass, semi-parametric Swept Midrange from 300 to 3KHz and Treble.

Also on board is the newest generation, patented, Decimator X, Noise reduction technology, G String version which tracks the direct Guitar input for dead quiet high gain performance. For those who want even more gain you can switch on the Clean Channel to over-drive the Distortion channel for more than 160db of distortion gain.

Michael also included foot switchable and adjustable Volume Boost for that extra volume needed for solos and an effects loop to add you favorite effects. Plus, he included additional tone shaping in the Distortion channel with a switchable high pass at 300Hz to tighten up that bottom end and a switchable low-pass 3KHz second order filter to help focus the top end in his quest for perfection.

The EMPYREAN is powered with an external 9VAC power supply which is internally multiplied to provide +/- 15 volt power supply rails. This provides true professional headroom allowing you the use the full capabilities of the Pro Studio quality equalization. The ultimate front end to any guitar rig.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review