Hohner FlexRack Hands-Free Harmonica Holder


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Product Overview

For decades the harmonica rack has allowed musicians hands-free access to the harmonica, making it a perfect partner for guitarists who desired to expand their sound. FlexRack is the first product to allow optimal adjustment of harmonica playing angles and positions in order to suit individual player ergonomics without any tools.
  • Only rack that can be adjusted at 3 separate points (position, angle and height) without any additional tools
  • Each adjustment is easy to execute, sturdy construction ensures stability and reliability during performance
  • Easy exchange of harps without altering rack settings
  • Adjustable spring loaded clamp with rubberized contact surfaces to avoid scratching harp
  • Fits all types of harmonica model up to a width of 6.5 inch (16.5 cm)
  • Ergonomically formed non-slip rubberized neckbow ensures unparalleled comfort


(No reviews yet) Write a Review