GraphTech ResoMax Low Profile Arch Top Guitar Bridge - Gold


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Product Overview

The PS-7552 Resomax Archtop Bridge is engineered for harmonic richness and a beautiful designed bridge with a flexible base to fit the exact contour of your archtop guitar.

The Graph Tech Archtop Bridge is A BREAKTHROUGH for archtop guitars around the world!

The most important link between your strings and the body of your guitar is your bridge
All woods, including rosewood and ebony, have grains, hard spots and dead spots. resulting in bridges that can vary greatly in tone, harmonics and volume.

You may not know that many archtop bridges manufactured today use generic woods, that are then quickly milled to shape and stained to look like rosewood or ebony.

Why upgrade with the ResoMax Archtop bridge?
Your saddle and bridge determines which harmonics stay in the string, which harmonics go to the body of the guitar, and how fast they travel (the loudness and sustain). A great archtop bridge is vital to get the most out of your guitar.

The Graph Tech Arch Top bridge was specifically designed and formulated to deliver the right harmonics to your guitar top and keep the right harmonics in the strings.As it is man-made from 100% organic polymers, it is consistent from string to string and bridge to bridge.

The fine articulation of each note results in BIG, WARM OPEN TONES WITH RICH HARMONICS found deep within your archtop.

A Graph Tech material designed specifically for Archtop Guitars
The bridge and base are made under high heat and pressure using GraphTech's proprietary, organic polymers offering a superior and consistent performance to endangered woods like ebony and rosewood.

Perfect connection to the top of the guitar
The “legs” of the bridge are designed “flex” to achieve a solid foundation on the guitar top, and the top is fully compensated for optimal intonation and pitch in the higher registers of the neck.

Low Profile Height
The base of the GT PS-7552 Arch Top bridge is ultra-low to ensure the best fit for your neck angle, and the gold thumb wheels allow you to set the perfect action.

Installing the Graph Tech Archtop Bridge is ONE OF THE EASIEST AND MOST IMPORTANT UPGRADES you can do for your archtop guitar.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review