Graph Tech 6-in-line Locking Ratio Black Contemporary Tuners - Black


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A right handed set of Locking Ratio Calibrated Machine Heads for electric guitar that use 6 in-line tuners. It has has a two pin casing that can be used as is, or with GraphTech's Patented InvisoMatch Mounting Plates. 4 different sets of InvisoMatch mounting plates in brushed aluminum are included to make installation on most guitars fast and accurate by using your existing screw mounting holes.

Ratio - Tuned Machine Heads incorporate different string gauges into the tuning equation. From Low E to High E 39:1, 24:1, 20:1, 35:1, 20:1, 12:1. Graph Tech balanced the gear ratios to each string simplifying the tuning process.

With Ratio, a half turn is a semi-tone! Every string reacts the same to any tuning adjustment. Predictable, precise tuning, on every string.

6-in-line machine heads in black.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review